Thursday, 3 November 2016

October e-AsTTle Writing Test - 2016

One day Job and Aj went in there car to the forest to have a camp. They had food and one tent to share. When they but up the tent they made a camp fire. Then job went to get some to get some food from the bug to coke up. When they finish eating the went to sleep. In the morning Job and Aj went down to the lake to have a wash. When they finished they went back to the camp. When they got back to the camp they went hunting.
But on the way back the lost the camp but then they saw a house but when they went to the house no one was there so they looked for some food but then they find a map they used the map to find the road.

Then they fand the road and they saw their car but they could not find the key to open the door. Then Job now were he put the key. It was in his pocket so then he got the key out of his pocket and opened the door. But AJ side but our staff is in the forest. But Job side it all right we can buy some more staff he side so then they went home.

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