Monday, 14 April 2014

How Maui slowed the sun down

1.  A long time ago the sun moved too fast
across the sky. People couldn t do their

2.  Maui  made a pan to slowed the sun.

He Asked His Brothers To Help Him

 They Went To Go And  Secked Some Fax

Maui And His Brothers Went And Got Some   Fax.
AT Iast The Ropes Aere Ready Sofu They Set Off At Night So The Sun Didn’t   Do  There Plan.

IT  Was  Many  Miles  When   They    Find   The  Sun   Home  When  They  Got  There All Of  The  Push Were  Gone.

Soon They Reach To The Great Pit From When The Sun Wood Wrise

And The Sun

Maui And  His  Brothers  Want  back  Hawm.

 And The Sun.  

And There Where.

Now The Sun Is Going To Slow Acoss The Blue Sky People.

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