Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Red Hen

One day there was a little Red Hen. The Little Red Hen lived up up in the tree. A fox named Sly Fox was a big clever fox and he was a bad fox. He went to the Red Hen’s house up in the tree. The Red Hen saw the fox coming up into her house. The fox got into the house and saw the Red Hen up on the perch. “You can't get me,” said the Red Hen. “I can’t get you but I can make you fall down,” said Sly Fox and the fox went round and round and the red hen got dizzier and dizzier and the red hen fell into the sack. The fox was so happy he picked up the sack and jumped off the tree. The fox said, “This is heavy.” So the fox was getting tired and he had a rest. The Little Red Hen got out of the sack. She saw some rocks and put them in the sack. When the fox got up he went to his house. When he got there the pot was boiling. it was so so hot. They put what was in the sack into the pot and then some rocks came out of the sack and they got burnt.

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