Wednesday, 29 July 2015

the big giant

      Giant Soup    retold by Troy Molia                                                         

One day a Giant was at home alone because his mum
went for a trip. The Giant made some soup. When
he tasted it, he said, “No! It needs some carrots.”
Then he got the carrots from G.I. When he got
back home he put it in the soup. He tasted
it and he said, “It needs a boy in it.” Then he put
his sneakers on and went looking for a boy.

   Then he saw a boy with a cook book. His name
was Jason. The giant put him in the soup
and the boy was in the soup tasting the soup.
He said, “It needs some salt and pepper and you did not turn the stove on.” The giant did that. “This is better,” said Jason.
 He went round again drinking the soup. The giant said,
“Your drinking all of it.” “Go home,” said the giant to Jason.  “Ok,” said Jason. “I will go home then I will came back and see how are you doing.”
“Noooooooo!” said the big fat giant, “Don’t
came back here ever, ever, ever and don’t

came with your cookbook,” said the giant.

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