Thursday, 12 April 2018

I think school uniform should be banned

I think school uniform should be
banned. We should ban them because
some people can't afford school uniform.
School uniform costs lots of money that people
don't have. School uniform takes the power
out of the house. If school didn't have
uniforms i would of had 2 Xbox ones but
no i dont i just have a bunch of school
uniform that i can't even fit.


  1. Hey Troy

    What an interesting argument about banning school uniforms and your predicament regarding owning uniform you can't fit. Have you considered selling the smaller uniform items to pay for your XBox One? Ask your parents, see what they think.

    Keep sharing your learning Troy.

    From Miss T.A

  2. i agree. just the jackets them self are $90.00. when i could of saved it for something else HALF!!!! the price. instead of waking up like ohhh what should i wear but you have to wake up to a uniform that you have to wear everyday. by the way i like your blog especially the uniform one.