Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tonga VS Engalnd

Hard luck Tonga Keep your heads up and come back next year you guys only lost because of the ref. the ref doesn't Know how to ref i'm sure Andrew fifita got that try.

The ref should of just took it upstairs to see if it was a strip or not. Or andrew could look for his support Will1am hopoate was there open.

And the try that england scored in the first half Andrew fifita had his hand underneath the ball it should of being held up.

Here a video of england striping the ball off Andrew fifita Tonga game you can skip it too the last 78 minutes it will see a slow motion of england striping the ball off Andrew fitita’s hand. When the ball was rolling Andrew fifita got the ball back and scored but the ref didn't allow it. So england took the win 20 to 18 in the first half it was 20 to 0 then second half tonga came back with a good comeback.

Well that about it Tonga vs England. England took the win next week England is gonna play Australia and it's going to be a good game to watch.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Answers for the Orchestra


1. What is an orchestra?
It's made up of four sections or families strings woodwind brass and percussion.

2. What is the parts of the orchestra?
They are violins, violas cellos double basses
And the harp  

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


In the morning we had a assembly it was a bit different we got a notice something about catching flounder's we all had to meet on the court so we can go watch some of our students catch some baby flounder. We saw them with big nets they where pulling the net so the flounder's can run in to the net. We were catching flounder's so we can look after them when they turn big that's when we give them back to the ocean. When they were catching the flounder's we were singing our waiata after singing our waiata we all had to walk back to school when we were walking back from the beach we saw some beautiful flowers there all sots of flowers when we got school we had to get on with our work it fault so fast. we thought it took us 20 min but it took us 1 hour to walk to the beach and walk back.

Friday, 22 September 2017