Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Monday, 6 August 2018

MY near death experience

Hi my name is Troy and i'm going to tell
you about my near death experience. One day
me and my cousin decided to climb a tall tree that
was tall as a 2 story house but kinda taller.

We climbed the tree because we were
bored just watching tv. so we went to grab
some chips and started to climb the tree.
When we got to the very top I went to sit on
this skinny branch. With my chips when I was
eating my chips the branch broke.

When I was falling down the tree i was
hitting every branch   on the way down.
when I hit the ground my cousin quickly
climbed down the tree and went to get my
older sisters. When my sisters came out they
saw me lying on the ground so they went to call
my mum to come back from the shops. When they got
back they had to call the ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived they had to take me to
the hospital to check my body if i was ok.
They said that I had no broken bones or
anything bad. The only bad thing was that
my body was in pain. I had to miss school for
a few days. But the good thing is when I was
falling down the tree I couldn't feel anything.
but when I woke up I was feeling deze there was lots
of people around me. I was on the ground for a
few mins when I woke up the ambulance had already arrived.

In the end I survived now I know not to climb trees.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Monday, 30 July 2018

Why snickers The best Chocolate in the world

snickers is the best chocolate in the world.
If you see snickers at the shops i guarantee you
should buy it once you bite into the snickers
you would want to buy more and more the stuff
that’s in snickers is chocolate peanuts and caramel.

Snickers is a brand name chocolate bar
made by the American company Mars,
Incorporated. Consisting of nougat topped
with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk
chocolate, Snickers has annual global sales of $2 billion.

It's a crunchy chocolate bar. the stuff that makes it
crunchy is the peanuts the peanuts is the main ingredients
in the bar. It has the right amount of chocolate
and peanuts. the caramel makes it the best
chocolate in the world.